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Meet Janine, Creator of Purslip Purse Organizer and Insert

Janine Meyers and PurslipHello. I’m Janine Meyers. Have you ever spent several hours getting perfectly dressed for an event, then rushed out the door without giving a second thought to the purse you were carrying? That was me. I was so used to carrying the same purse no matter what else I had on, that the eventuality of it falling off my shoulder due to its absolute dilapidation, was really not an exaggeration. Fashion was definitely not the focal point of my purse. It was nearly all utilitarian. Yet, the purse or handbag itself, I found, really does affect one’s overall appearance, whether to enhance or to detract. Using the same one over and over was somewhat comparable to wearing flip flops with a business suit, leaving the total look somewhat lacking.

Thus, I was inspired to create, design and develop the Purslip purse organizer, trying to solve the age old problem of how to change purses as quickly and easily as I changed my outfits. With the Purslip, I have eliminated the pain to change purses, the time constraints involved in changing purses, and the fear of leaving something behind when changing purses. Plus purses really are a fun expression of ourselves.

The Purslip is practical yet classy. It fits easily into many styles of famous brand handbags, such as Kathy Van Zeeland, Coach, Prada, Gucci, Louis Vitton and many more, thereby allowing yet another opportunity for each of us to present our own individual style each time we go out the door.

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